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The publishing company for the Greek agriculture

AgroTypos is a publishing company specializing in agricultural publications. It aims at bringing science into practice by informing timely and acurately all professionals of the agricultural sector in Greece, in either plant or animal production. It was set out in 1993 motivated by the strong desire of its founders to assist in development and modernization of the Greek agriculture. Many expert scientists from research institutes and universities, with a deep insight of the current situation, are now involved in this effort under the coordination of the editor-in-chief Dr C.N. Giannopolitis.

Main activities of AgroTypos SA include:

1. Publication of the monthly magazine Georgia - Ktinotrofia which is distributed to about 10.000 contributors throughout Greece and Cyprus.
2. Publication of special annual issues of the magazine offering a deep and thorough coverage in specific topics. There are two such issues published each year which are included in the contribution and are directly mailed to all contributors of the magazine. These issues are further distributed as independent monographs as well.
3. Publication of selected books on topics of direct technical or practical interest to professionals of plant or animal production in Greece.
4. Development of the Greek agricultural portal in the web, providing directories of professionals in agriculture in Greece and other information sources on agriculture.


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